I was pleasantly surprised to see this billboard the other day. (The Gold in the bottom corner is the Colorado State capitol building). This blog posting is to help it get beyond 14th Ave and Fox Street in downtown Denver. (Yes. I live in Denver).

Do hippos have morals?

So, what is up in this video? Does the hippo really show evidence of empathy for the impala? Or is he stealing the croc's lunch out of curiosity only to find that he doesn't like impala, remembering he is an herbivore?

If we assume empathy is at play, then this is an extreme version of it. Nature is full of altruistic examples, at least between members of the same species. Between species there are also cases of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Obviously, this example is different. Why did the hippo attempt to rescue the impala? Do hippos have morals?