Film review: Marjoe

This movie chronicles the young life of Marjoe Gortner and won best documentary film in 1972, and with good reason. This clip is from the first 6 minutes of the film.

If you YouTube Marjoe, you will find that instead of realizing the sham that a lot of religion is, and how it preys on emotional, congregational antics, there is an overwhelming response to protect it by labeling Marjoe as a false prophet. Curiously, one way to tell a false prophet according to one commentor is to look at children's responses to such "preachers/teachers". Duh! Adults acting this way and anybody leading them like this is weird. If I was a kid, I'd be freaked out! And as an adult watching the film I was freaked out. Speaking in tongues and writhing orgasmically on the floor in public just ain't right whether you're a true prophet or a false one.

The Grandma Factor

A naive take on evolution would predict that many species would operate like the Black Widow -- once you've passed on your genes, you're only real value is your body as food. But consider the Grandma Factor.

Big Foot Hoax

"Legitimate bigfoot researchers have mixed emotions about this whole affair."

Too cute.

But is there a qualitative difference between such "legitimate researchers" and a theologian?

Why not rain dance instead?

Hasn't it been shown that rain dancing is more effective than praying for it?

Check the facts

Found this site to be a wonderful political resource.

One candidate seems to play deception much more than the other. (I'll let you decide). Either way, it makes me queasy seeing how words and images are twisted for political gain. It's also sickening to see politicians' respect for us citizens by trying to dupe us into supporting them and their agenda. And they're right! We Americans are probably gullible enough to take on another unwarranted war.

It's therefore extremely important to vote for the person whose policies you most appreciate because they will use clever means to make them come true. As a look at a candidate's character, look who's lying to you and how they're doing it.

Our thoughts and prayers

The two children from Denver killed in this accident are the niece and nephew of a friend of mine.

My thoughts are definitely with them, and my family is helping support where we can.

For those people praying, what are they really praying for? Support from a God who allowed the tragedy to happen in the first place? Where was God's Hand when it should have been holding up this airplane? What is it about such ridiculous tragedy that many turn to faith for consolation when really, it illustrates that if there is a God, he is unavailable?