If I were God: Alternative flood plan

When asking "Will my dog go to heaven?", Russ assured me that God had Noah save two of every creature, therefore animals were important to God and worthy of salvation. He then brought up the subject of all the kids and pre-born children living inside the wombs of their wicked mothers who were drowned at the flood.

Tsunamis and other natural events kill innocents. Many Christians do not see these as acts of God, per se. A lot of natural phenomenon are just operating, well, naturally, in this world created by God and corrupted by evil. Whatever.

This does not apply with Noah's flood, however. That was God deliberately stepping in and cleaning up the riff raff, killing unborn children and wiping out all the other animals in the process. Perhaps my dog won't be saved if God was so callous with the thousands of other dogs that were not selected to be on Noah's boat....

Now, a seemingly more fair obliteration would have been to have the flood waters put Noah and family on one continent and all evil-doers on another. Then, through natural means also brought on by their own sinfulness, all the evil-doers would become sterile and die off. Same effect, but no terrified drowning. Anyway, that's what I'd do as a God of love. It would also help my people's case for fighting Darwinists later from having to explain diversification of life forms in just 4000 years, but that's just me.


Tom said...

Possibly of interest, I found this article by Vincent Cheung, a Reformation Theologist and pompous presuppositionalist. Here's a quote from the article for crazy God-challengers like myself:

...What is the standard of right and wrong by which this person judges God's actions? If there is a moral standard superior to God, to which God himself is accountable and by which God himself is judged, then this "God" is not God at all; rather, this higher standard would be God. However, the Christian concept of God refers to the highest being and standard, so there is by definition nothing higher. In other words, if there is something higher than the "God" that a person is arguing against, then this person is not really referring to the Christian God. Since this is the case, there is no standard higher than God to which God himself is accountable and by which God himself is judged. Therefore, it is logically impossible to accuse God of doing anything morally wrong.

Between Cheung's dizzying logic and the queasy theology presented, I'm gonna hurl.

psiloiordinary said...

He's all powerful right?

All knowing?

Incapable of error?

So why make things so he has to intervene?

Why not just snap his fingers and put it right instantly?

Why did he want those people - some innocent some not - to experience drowning?

Is this the first case of water boarding?

To what end?

7K said...

It is possible to say, isn't it, that a lot, if not all, of religion exists to explain death? Basically, it looks like we have annihilation, reincarnation, and the monotheist judgment and resurrection as possibilities. But death is the mysterious thing. It trumps just about all stumpers (if you are into stumper trumping).

The Flood just does it big-time: but it happens to everybody (like taxes). So the real question is maybe why does God kill off what he made good to begin with?

Then the Christian presumption is that God actually identifies with his creation, takes on the form of a man, and experiences the very death he dealt out. Any way you look at it, death is real. It is very in-your-face.

Jesus on the cross is, for me, the best picture of God I've encountered. I mean, that is total empathy. But, assuming it is true, or could be true, why? Isn't there some other way than all this pain, injustice, and sorrow? Or, might we say, "Got any other ideas, God?"

But I'm like totally enamored with this cross concept, even if I can't make total sense of it. Not the blood, not the implement of execution, but the beauty of the solution. I have hope. I'm not just living this brief blip on the cosmic screen and then descending into the black hole.

But I don't say that as comparison of theist/atheist positions. I am more and more convinced this cross-thing is total. It isn't just for the chosen few. It isn't just for those who get it right. Everybody is going to benefit from this.

AIGBusted said...

Hey bro! I saw your blog on Atheist Blog roll. You should check me out sometime, I debunk Answers in Genesis.



Tom said...

Hi Ryan,

Fun site you have! I've made a link to it on my side panel, just above Answers in Genesis!