Check the facts

Found this site to be a wonderful political resource.

One candidate seems to play deception much more than the other. (I'll let you decide). Either way, it makes me queasy seeing how words and images are twisted for political gain. It's also sickening to see politicians' respect for us citizens by trying to dupe us into supporting them and their agenda. And they're right! We Americans are probably gullible enough to take on another unwarranted war.

It's therefore extremely important to vote for the person whose policies you most appreciate because they will use clever means to make them come true. As a look at a candidate's character, look who's lying to you and how they're doing it.

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Mike Beidler said...


I've been a big fan of the folk for quite a while now. I love their objectivity. If I were ever to run for public office, I'd make sure I never became FactCheck fodder.