Love the irony

At the end of June, a 22-yr old Guatemalan man drowned in the Sacramento Delta. The original reporting of the story put the bug in people's ear that the man may have died during a baptism. A day later, it was disclosed that he was not part of a baptism. (I've been unable to determine if there was even a baptism taking place at the time. It seems, at least, that where he drowned is close to a site that is popular for baptisms).

What is disheartening is the response from all the atheist blogs that just gobbled up the idea that the man died during a baptism. Once assumed to be true, the story spread like wildfire. We atheists are so quick to criticize theists for believing what they want to hear. But shame on you atheists for being so quick to believe unsubstantiated facts and the rumor mill of your "rational" friends. I have yet to find a blog that ran this story that later acknowledged the truth of the events and the humility to admit the bloggers' naive presumption.


Psiloiordinary said...

Great post Tom.

I agree 100%.



Cliff Martin said...

This highlights the damaging effects of sectarianism wherever it is found. Believers jump to such faulty conclusions with equal deftness! So do politicians in our highly charged factious political climate.

One reason I hang out with you, Tom, and Psi and other people I've met who have a different world-view is that it forces me to consider that your views are rational, well-thought out, etc. I hope it saves me from making some of the stupid claims about atheists that I hear streaming from various Christian quarters.

PTET said...

Nice catch.

It staggering how supposedly sceptical people just leap to believe what they want to believe...

Hey ho.

Keep up the good work.

Tom said...


Thanks for the comments, and thanks for exposing me to your blog!